Got Legacy Phones?

Got legacy phones? What is a “legacy phone”?  Technically it is a phone /system that is old technology. In today’s VoIP world, that covers at lot of business office phones. I am referring to some of the phones from the 1950’s through the 1980’s and the AT&T, Lucent brand. Most of these legacy system phones need a facelift by now to look their best. There are many companies that offer repairs and refurbishment for these older phone models but if yours is working properly, a new handset, curly cord and some designation papers and plastics can make a big difference in the look of your legacy phones.

Refurb Supplies has replacement handsets and designation papers and plastics for many of these older legacy system phones: AT&T Merlin, Lucent MLS and MLX

AT&T Merlin handsets are very distinctive.



 The mouth piece on this replacement handset is a very compact narrow rectangle. We have them with new electronic insides and new plastic outsides in both black and white. Our part numbers are: HANDSET 30060 for the Merlin black replacement handset and HANDSET 30010 for the white one. These high gloss replacement handsets will make your Merlin phone look new. We also have replacement desi plastics and paper for many of the BIS models. Type Merlin into the search window of our online store: to find any of the replacement parts you need to give your older Merlin desk phone a facelift.

Another legacy repair or replacement handset we have in stock is the “G-Style”. If you grew up in the 1960’s and 70’s before the slim-line phones were introduced by the Bell System, you had this type of phone in your home.



 The handsets on these single line, rotary or button dial phones have round ear piece and mouthpiece cups. Refurb Supplies stock these “G-Style” handsets in black, “band-aid pink” and Ivory. Type G Style into the search window of our online store:

If you have some of the Lucent MLS or MLX on your office desk, we have the “K-Style” replacement handsets for those business phone as well, in both black and white.


If your designation paper strip has layers of white out because you have changed the names on them several times, we can help. New paper and plastics are a good way to spruce up those older phones. Type either MLS or MLX into the search window of our online store.

You can always call us if you need help identifying the phone you want to dress up and we will be happy to help you and process your order.

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The Toshiba Closing, Your Customers, and You

Since the announcement by Toshiba, that it is closing its phone system division, I've seen many articles about switching all your Toshiba customers to a new phone system.  Upgrade to a better system!  Move to a VoIP solution! This option may work for some of your customers, but what if they do not want to switch?

Upgrading your system is no easy task, as you, no doubt are well aware.  There are many decisions to be made.  What brand do I choose?  What options do I need?  Should I upgrade or downgrade at this time?  Is VoIP a good choice for me?  How are we going to pay for a new system?

If your customer decides to upgrade, there is no guarantee they will stay with you.  What if you do not offer a system that meets their needs?  They will have no choice but to go elsewhere.  In the early stages of the transition, your best choice might be to simply not ask them to switch and keep servicing their Toshiba system.  Focus on the customers that you know will switch out and keep the others running until they are ready.

Your concern here might be where to find parts after Toshiba stops providing them to you.  We can help you there.  Refurb Supplies has been providing OEM quality replacement parts for business phone systems, including Toshiba, since 2001.  

We understand that you have customers who will not go easily into a new system.  We are your source for replacement parts until they eventually give in and switch.  By providing them with the option to keep their Toshiba system until they are ready for the change will make you their hero!

Shop now: Toshiba Collection

Desi Plastics by Refurb Supplies

A few years ago, we invested in a laser cutter.  We have been using it to cut out our Vodavi Wall Kit, but we have figured out how to get more use from it! 

The desi plastics that you need can now be cut in house, on demand, reducing lead times to you! More importantly, you will know the product that you are buying matches the quality you have come to associate with Refurb Supplies. We are working towards cutting all desi plastics that our laser can handle in the future!

What makes the laser cut desis so great?  They are laser cut!  They are not die cut.  The laser creates a perfect cut every time.  You do not need to worry about them fitting properly.  Every desi is designed by Steve using CAD.  Those files are transferred into the laser cutter insuring perfect cuts.    

Laser Cut Desi Plastics Currently Available

 Steve is getting the drawing for Desi Plastic 31040 ready in CAD.

Steve is getting the drawing for Desi Plastic 31040 ready in CAD.