The Toshiba Closing, Your Customers, and You

Since the announcement by Toshiba, that it is closing its phone system division, I've seen many articles about switching all your Toshiba customers to a new phone system.  Upgrade to a better system!  Move to a VoIP solution! This option may work for some of your customers, but what if they do not want to switch?

Upgrading your system is no easy task, as you, no doubt are well aware.  There are many decisions to be made.  What brand do I choose?  What options do I need?  Should I upgrade or downgrade at this time?  Is VoIP a good choice for me?  How are we going to pay for a new system?

If your customer decides to upgrade, there is no guarantee they will stay with you.  What if you do not offer a system that meets their needs?  They will have no choice but to go elsewhere.  In the early stages of the transition, your best choice might be to simply not ask them to switch and keep servicing their Toshiba system.  Focus on the customers that you know will switch out and keep the others running until they are ready.

Your concern here might be where to find parts after Toshiba stops providing them to you.  We can help you there.  Refurb Supplies has been providing OEM quality replacement parts for business phone systems, including Toshiba, since 2001.  

We understand that you have customers who will not go easily into a new system.  We are your source for replacement parts until they eventually give in and switch.  By providing them with the option to keep their Toshiba system until they are ready for the change will make you their hero!

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