Let's Talk About Handsets...

Let's talk about your phone's handset for a second.  I'm sure you don't think about it much, but we think about it a lot!  It might only come to your mind when it's full of static or hard to hear through, but lucky for you, we have a solution.

A replacement handset is an easy way to update your phone for not much money.  But why choose our handset?

Our handsets are carefully designed to be OEM quality or better.  This means that we look at several very specific qualities in our handsets.

First, the plastic.  The handset shell, the plastic part, must feel like OEM.  We make sure the plastic is the right quality and thickness.  If your phone has a shiny handset, the replacement will be shiny.  If you phone has a textured handset, the replacement will be textured.  You get the picture.

Along with the quality of the plastic, is the color of the plastic.  We design our handsets to exactly match OEM colors.  That means if you were to replace the handset on a brand new phone with one of ours, it would be the exact right color.

Inside each handset are a couple of important parts.  First, and seemingly unimportant, are the weights.  Weights ensure that the handset hangs up properly and stays on the phone when it's on it's wall mount.  As reported by our customers, handsets without these weights inside tend to fall off the wall mount, breaking the handset causing you to need a premature replacement.  You can tell ours are weighted because they feel exactly like an OEM handset.

If you have a weighted and non-weighted side by side, pick them up.  It is easy to tell the difference.  If you are unsure, a couple signs you have an unweighted handset would be that your phone doesn't always hang up properly after a call.  If it doesn't hang up, you would appear as busy and potentially miss out on important calls.

Secondly inside, you'll find electronic components.  We choose high quality components to ensure call quality is at the OEM level or better. 

When we receive a shipment of handsets from our manufacturer, we put them through our quality testing process before they are approved for sale.  They are tested for look, feel, and color match.  But they are also tested for sound quality.  They are TEF tested to make sure the frequencies are correct and then they are plain old sound tested for call quality.

If our handsets do not pass these tests, they are not sold, because we stand behind our products.  We only sell products that have passed these tests.  If you find that our products did not meet your expectations, we'll gladly take your return.  It's worry-free shopping!

You can find your handset quickly by visiting us at www.replacementhandset.com or you can stop by www.refurbsupplies.com to find your handset and check out what other parts we have for your phone as well.


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