Solutions for Switch 16100, 4 Post for Cisco 7941, 7961, & 7970

We have been working on a solution for our part number SWITCH 16100 for a few months now.  This popular switch cannot be made by our manufacturer any longer.  This is tough because so many Cisco repairers need this part.  

Today, Joe decided to examine the phones and see if we could find a temporary solution while we are working on our permanent solution.  He opened up a 7941 phone and tested our SWITCH 16000.  This particular switch is designed for the Cisco 7940 and 7960, so it only has 2 posts instead of 4, but it fits in the 7941.

While we are still looking for a permanent solution for SWITCH 16100, we have found that you can use SWITCH 16000 as a temporary solution.  Find it here: SWITCH 16000