HOOKSWITCH REPAIR 51000 for vodavi sts 3515

Repair your Vodavi STS 3515 phone's hook switch. The original Vodavi STS 3515 has a weak hook switch pivot and it breaks easily. We designed this repair kit to beef up the original housing so that once you have made the repair, it will last for the life of the phone.

We include two handset clips with each stand.

We include two handset clips with each stand.

WALL KIT 51217 for Vodavi STS 24 button phones

We cut this wall kit from black sheets of durable Delrin plastic in our R&D shop. The pieces are assembled before we ship them to you.

The clip that keeps the handset from falling off the Vodavi STS 24 button phone when it is mounted on the wall is etched into the wall bracket's inside support brace. We have included two. Just punch one out and insert it into the clip holder in the upper handset cup.