Since 2001, Refurb Supplies has led the secondary telecom market with our top quality replacement parts.


Our Mission

We create telecom replacement parts for the secondary market that match or exceed the quality of the original manufacturers. We strive for the best quality possible at reasonable prices.

What We've Achieved

  • A history of developing unique parts that solve problems 
  • The best quality replacement parts in the industry
  • 16 years of industry experience
  • The first telecom replacement part company with on-line ordering
  • Loyal customers who value quality
  • A team dedicated to customer service.

The Refurb Supplies Story

Providing Telecom Solutions Since 1999

Refurb Supplies LLC founder Joseph Elichaa has been solving problems in the telecommunication industry for over 30 years. You could say he's hooked! In 1980 his career began at Inter-Tel. In 1989 he started a telephone brokerage company that sold used business telephone systems to secondary market telecom dealers. At the time, dealers would breakup the complete telephone systems into sub components and resell to end users but dealers soon realized they could increase their yield if they repaired broken items and made them look and function like new. So in 1990 Joseph redefined his business and became a secondary market dealer. His company did such a good job making phones look like new that they set the bar for the competition and others soon followed suit. This drive for quality created a need for exceptional parts. In 1999, Joseph started Refurb Supplies LLC, thus spearheading the effort to provide the parts needed by companies desiring to produce better quality refurbished equipment. We were the first in the industry to offer online ordering for replacement parts.

Refurb Supplies focus now is to create new and innovative products that solve time and money problems for our customers. We are not just a copy shop; we have created new and unique products and have a patent on our “labor saver” button installation idea. We have created at least 10 new items that are our own design.

With that said, Refurb Supplies does not refurbish phones or sell refurbished products.  Our products are NEW, unless otherwise stated.  Our products are OEM compatible or better!

You can buy telephone parts confident that Joe has made sure it is perfect!